10FT Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Safety Enclosure Net for Kids & Adults-In Net SENCHO GINSYTALIOR

10FT Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Safety Enclosure Net for Kids & Adults-In Net SENCHO GINSYTALIOR

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Brand Story:At SENCHO GINSYTALIOR . we believe in outdoor fun and joy for all ages. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and entertaining experience for families through durable and high-quality trampolines.

Product Story:
Our Trampoline for Kid and Adult is the perfect addition to any backyard or outdoor space. This trampoline can accommodate up to 3 jumpers at once . making it an ideal choice for families.

Product Function Detailed Explanation:
Safety is our top priority at SENCHO GINSYTALIOR . which is why our trampoline comes with a safe enclosure net. This feature ensures that jumpers are protected from falling off the trampoline. The 680 lbs jump mat is designed to support continuous jumping while ensuring maximum durability. Additionally . a ladder is included for easy access to the trampoline.

Specification Information and Usage Instructions:
● Diameter: 8 feet
● Maximum Weight Capacity: 680 lbs
● Enclosure Net Height: 6 feet
● Spring Length: 7 inches
● Jump Mat Material: Polypropylene (PP) Mesh
● Frame Material: Galvanized steel
● Recommended for children and adults
● For outdoor use only

Usage Instructions: Securely attach the enclosure net to the trampoline. Always inspect the trampoline before each use to ensure all parts are secure. Remove jewelry and sharp objects before jumping. Children should always be supervised while on the trampoline.

Additional Information:
● Never allow more than one jumper at a time.
● Do not attempt flips or somersaults without proper training and supervision.
● Allow only one person on the ladder at a time.
● Always follow the usage instructions carefully to avoid personal injury.

Enjoy endless hours of family fun on our Trampoline for Kid and Adult. Order now and bring smiles to your loved ones' faces.

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