Dinosaur Assortment in Storage Drum | 12 Dinos up to 7" Long

Dinosaur Assortment in Storage Drum | 12 Dinos up to 7" Long

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T-Rexcellent Fun!

Pretend you're in prehistoric times with this 12 pack of jumbo dinosaurs. Or . add some dinos to your other toys and imagine up entire new worlds! Drum up a little excitement in your old play sets. Toy cars and plastic tracks a little tired? Add a T-Rex! Your wooden train town a little too peaceful? Throw in a pack of raptors!

Don't settle for mousy . mini dinos . or bland . boring ones in drab shades of green and tan. These dinosaurs reach up to 7 inches long and 4.5 inches tall . are made from durable . flexible . long-lasting vinyl . and are painted with vibrant . showy colors and patterns in shades of neons and metallics. These are dinosaurs you'll want to show-off! And . thanks to the included storage drum with convenient carry handle . it's easy to do just that. So pack them up and take 'em with you!

The dinos included in this set are:
? Tyrannosaurus Rex
? Stegosaurus
? Brachiosaurus
? Pterodactyl
? Utahraptor
? Apatosaurus
? Velociraptor
? Gallimimus
? Silvisaurus
? Allosaurus
? Ischisaurus
? Torvosaurus

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